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The DNS zone is a fundamental part of the Domain Name System (DNS) that holds the collection of different DNS records. By this division to smaller administrative segments, it is much easier and efficient to manage. Each DNS zone is handled by a different DNS administrator, which creates or deletes DNS records and performs DNS changes. DNS zones could be the following types: Primary (Master) DNS zone and Secondary (Slave) DNS zone.

  • The Primary DNS zone holds the original zone file. That means it includes all of the DNS records created for that zone. It is vital for the administration of the DNS namespace.
  • The Secondary DNS zone stores a read-only copy of the DNS data. In most cases, it is a duplicate of the Primary DNS zone. The Slave DNS zone acts as a backup for the DNS data.

It is important to note that the DNS administrator is able to make different changes and modifications to the DNS information only in the Primary DNS zone.

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